Nurch Perks were designed with parents and children in mind. Parents and guardians are often the last to treat themselves, so we’ve created a system that provides members real rewards for their points, and with plenty of choice too.

Instantly Rewarding

You won’t find any overpriced toasters or magazine subscriptions here, just real dollar value digital gift cards. Nurch has partnered with Prezzee to provide members access to over 85 selected leading retailer gift cards. Simply select your retailer and your redemption value, then receive your Nurch Perk in your inbox within the hour.

Points with Value

With as little as 300 points, you are able to redeem a digital gift card worth $10 dollars. The good news is your points never expire while you’re an active member, meaning you can hang on to them for longer to redeem for better perks. Even when you’re finished with your childcare journey, you still have 12 months to redeem your points.

If you don’t redeem? We’ll donate the redemption value to charity, so no point is wasted.

Available Rewards

300 Points

$10 Woolworths Gift Card

Save money on your next grocery shop.

750 Points

$25 Myer Gift Card

Get something for the home, for the family or for yourself!

1,500 Points

$50 Hoyts Gift Card

Take the family to see the latest flicks at any HOYTS Australia-wide.

3,000 Points

$100 Uber Eats Gift Card

Relax, because dinner is sorted and delivered right to your door.

3,000 Points

$100 Bunnings Gift Card

Fix up around your home or refresh your garden.