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Nurch is Australia's first childcare loyalty rewards program and this is how it works for your family.

What do you need to do?

Once you’ve signed up for Nurch at your childcare centre, you won’t need to do anything else differently; you’ll just earn 1 point for every dollar paid to your childcare centre.

Your points can build up in no time and you can redeem for heaps of great Nurch Perks – it’s that simple.

It’s fast (and free!) to join – and once you’re in, it’s all go.

Nurch Facts

  • It’s a Loyalty Program: Earn one point for every dollar you spend on childcare fees
  • Save: Nurch points help you save with over 80+ retailers
  • Adds up: With just 300 points, you can redeem a gift card valued at $10
  • No Point Expires: As long as you’re a member, your points don’t expire so you can accrue for bigger Perks
  • A Point for Cause: Any unredeemed points are donated to charity to help our community
  • No Catch: Free and fast to join with no ongoing additional fees

Nurch is different – and it’s a better deal for everyone

You might be thinking this is great, but what’s the catch? The reality is there isn’t one.

Nurch was created with families in mind. Parents and guardians are often the last to treat themselves, so we’ve created a system that provides our members with real rewards. Every point you receive has a real dollar value, and you can choose from a variety of Nurch Perks to spend them on.

It gets even better

With greater loyalty, you can raise your status and dramatically increase your points balance to get more perks sooner. There are bonus points too, where you can earn multiple points for every dollar spent.

How does Nurch help everyone else?

It organically grows loyalty to individual childcare centres, allowing them to forward-plan and better cater for fluctuating numbers.

We know this leads to better consistency of care and more stability for our children, providing the best environment to improve their learning, development and emotional wellbeing.

So, it rewards our children, our families and our community too. It’s a win-win for everyone.

What if my childcare centre doesn’t have Nurch?

You can only sign up for Nurch at a childcare centre that is one of our partners — if your centre doesn’t know about us yet you can help them out! Simply get in touch with Nurch or tell your centre about our program. Nurch has heaps of benefits for families and childcare centres — there are significant advantages for centres to partner with Nurch. It really is a win-win.

So, let’s go

See our full list of Nurch Partners. Can’t find your centre? Ask your Centre Director about Nurch. More questions? Please visit our FAQ or send a message below.

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Get in touch

If you’re interested in Nurch but you’re not sure where to start. Get in touch so we know you’re interested, and we can chat to your centre or help you find a Nurch centre near you. We’re always busy expanding our partnerships, so we’re bound to have a centre suitable for you soon!

We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service. If you need Nurch to assist with anything at all, please reach out or speak with your friendly centre director.

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We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service. Your enquiry will be handled promptly and professionally. We’re here to help you.

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